Security Consultancy

We sucessfully advise and coach for over a decade large, medium and small enterprises: end users, manufacturers of security hardware, security software and security consultants.

Security Consulting Portfolio

Rapid in-depth Analysis of Software-Vulnerabilities

  • Review of the safety level of software and creating more secure software: Threat Modeling, Fuzzing, Static Analysis


  • Awareness of management and training in information security by employees, administrators, security professionals, software developers and testers
  • Classic attacks and security measures against viruses, worms and Trojan horses, access control and access control. Best Practice Methodology

Information security management: Security policies and guidelines

  • Risk Management: Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Plans
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) and underlying standards
  • Business-related security architecture: Security Strategy: Goals, Roles & Responsibilities: Policies (password, e-mail, firewall, server, and guidelines) review of safety policies, cyclical Security Audits
  • Product selection and assessment: encryption, PKI, SSO, and biometrics, orocedures etc.
  • Selection of service providers, outsourcing contractors and consultants
  • Implementation of appropriate security mechanisms
  • Advice and assistance in product development and certification
  • Security Adviser: content targeting future areas

Penetration Testing: Review of the safety level

  • Vulnerability Detection and Verification: Vulnerability Scanning
  • Review of the encryption in networks (intranet, extranet, internet) and on servers
  • Exploiting vulnerabilities: review of the safety level of IT systems
  • Testing of VoIP systems: monitoring safety and availability

Computer forensics: Attack Detection and identification

  • Court-proof analysis and detection of computer misuse
  • Security Incident Handling & Intrusion Detection-/ Prevention Systeme
  • Handling security incidents

Business Continuity Management (BCM) & Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

  • Analysis of the protective properties and failure costs
  • Design, development and implementation of DRP

We are working according to standards and recognized best practice guidelines: BSI Baseline Protection, ISO 27000 family, ITIL v.3, BCI Business Continuity best practice guidelines. Due to our close cooperation with universities and our highly qualified staff, we are able to always use the most advanced process models, methods and technologies used. This information advantage helps us to support your needs best and provide you with maximum support prevention.

We are happy to advise – in compliance with the required discretion – in a personal conversation.