About us

Who we are and what we do

Since 10 years softScheck is known as successful IT security consultancy. Our core competencies range from classic pen-testing over compliance testing up to security auditing of software and it infrastructure aswell as attendance of systematic software developing according to the ISO 27034 standard. The core of our Service is a tool-driven integral security testing process of soft- and hardware, which covers the whole development cycle (design, implementation and deployment). Using Threat Modeling we look at the program architecture from the attackers view.

Using Dynamic Analysis, we identify semi-automated and cost-saving hitherto unrecognized defects and security vulnerabilities in binary code. The systematic prevention, detection and prevention of cyber attacks with targeted, court fixed forensic analysis of systems and networks using standardized methods also belong to the portfolio of soft check and numerous projects were successfully completed. softScheck is a member of the Alliance for Cyber ​​Security and provides training and workshops on topics such as Secure Development, Threat Modeling, Web Application Security and Mobile Security. In addition, we offer consulting services to certifications and perform self-examination as a partner of TÜV Saarland Security testings in the framework of certifications. The employees are experts of relevant IT security areas. International experience and multidisciplinary expertise in virtually every industry, as well as numerous publications, lectures and media appearances featuring extensive expertise in information security.