Conformance Testing

Have your product tested for the correct implementation of standards

Each product has special security requirements. Conformance Testing verifies whether a product correctly implements security requirements.
Conformance Testing falls under the class of non-functional tests. The focus is thus on the security of a product, a system, a network, etc. Conformance alone is far from sufficient to secure software. Therefore, a product should indispensably perform further tests such as static code analysis or fuzzing.

The goal of Conformance Testing is, in addition to verifying the product to fulfill all requirements, an examination of the security documentation. These should be complete, comprehensible and clear. In particular, meaningful security requirements are a must.

At the end of the test, you will receive a detailed report. If security incidents are identified, you can eliminate them with the help of the detailed report. We would like to carry out a repeat check to see if the deficiencies, the security gaps are completely and correctly corrected. There is also the possibility to be certified after successful implementation of the security requirements.