External Pentest

Better protected against attacks from outside

Again and again, attackers try to penetrate systems, unfortunately often with success and quite easily from outside.
Be armed against it by using the methods of the real attackers themselves and identifying possible vulnerabilities in your systems.
Only those who know these can effectively and permanently protect themselves against attacks from outside!

We at softScheck identify these vulnerabilities as part of an external penetration test.
Through controlled attacks on the from the internet achievable goals at your company, we use the techniques of a malicious attacker to protect you against them.
In addition to automated port and vulnerability scans, manual attack techniques are performed by our consultants and include e.g. bypassing security gateways such as firewall systems or intrusion detection/prevention systems.

Bacause there is no “single solution” for IT-systems, the expertise and creativity of the softScheck employees is of paramount importance.
The complexity of your systems plays no role for us. Take advantage of it and let us adapt the penetration test to your requirements!
As a result, you receive a risk assessment, as well as a documentation of all identified vulnerabilities or weaknesses including mitigation measures.