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Prof. Dr. Hartmut Pohl CEO

supports you in developing secure software and firmware – based on the ‘ISO 27034 Application Security’, OWASP SAMM etc.

Our core competencies range from classic Penetration Testing on Compliance Testing toward security testing.

In addition, we offer consulting services to certifications and also perform itself, as audit partner of TÜV Saarland, security testing in the context of certifications.


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What our clients are saying

"As long as I require penetration testing, I will be a client of softScheck."

“The expertise and customer-oriented openness make softScheck for us a preferred partner for security tests on our Airlock Suite. We are also happy to cooperate in the future with softScheck.”

Erwin Huber, Ergon Informatik AG
Director of Product Development Web Application Security

“The customer-oriented consultant of softScheck GmbH have supported us project concomitantly in threat modeling a Java EE application.”

Stefan Krecher, Hannover Re
Software Engineer, IT-Business Solutions

“softSchecks customer orientation is characterized in particular by a strong sense of responsibility towards the customer. So the advisor for inquiries were even after the Security tests comprising personally.”

Jens Heddrich, Sofort GmbH
IT-Security Officer

Security Testing as a Service

Everybody is talking about attacks on IT systems and trying to recognize them. A completly wrong strategy!
Actually vulnerabilities are the root of all evil. Attacks are only successful, if they can exploit a vulnerability. Therefore:

Improve with us: identifies Zero-Day-Vulnerabilities in every type of software and hardware. We offer „Security Testing as a Service“ in form of a whole process.

makes your software, apps and hardware secure against attacks.

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More security with security testing by softScheck

More Security with Security testing: SQ Magazin Nr. 34, March 2015

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Certified secure software, firmware, development apps & systems

Attacks are only successful if there is a security issue backdoor to exploit.

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