Internal Pentests

Better protected against attacks from inside

Several statistics indicate that most successful attacks are performed from within. This can be the result of a disgruntled employee, cleaning lady, or simply by means of social engineering manipulated colleagues. But, of course, it is also possible that an attacker has already succeeded in overcoming the external security measures and to gain access to the internal network.
The attack vectors are thus manifold. In order to check what damage a perpetrator can do, an internal penetration test is carried out according to the pattern of a conventional penetration test , the scope however is set on the corporate network.

In order to perform an internal Pentest, we need access to the internal network to be tested. This can be done on the spot or through access facilities, e.g. a VPN. We will present the identified security vulnerabilities, together with the accompanying security measures, in a detailed report. On the basis of this report, you can also protect your company from the inside in order to avoid attacks in the run-up.