Requirements Analysis

Assistance with the development of secure software

Software is often created based on functional requirements, without taking into consideration security aspects. In particular, security requirements are often neglected and left unconsidered.

Security requirements for secure software

The development of secure software is becoming increasingly important, especially regarding Industry 4.0. However, security is regularly implemented only after the fact. But the development of secure software starts with the security requirements – before the design of a software. Security requirements help to develop software with an appropriate security level.

SSQUARE – softScheck Security Quality Requirements Engineering

softScheck uses the Security Quality Requirements Engineering (SQUARE) method for tool-supported security requirements engineering. SQUARE is process-oriented and structured in nine steps. The steps range from the definition of used terms, the identification of security objectives and risks—to the selection and audit of corresponding requirements.

A time-consuming briefing of all project participants on the SQUARE method is not necessary when using SSQUARE. All relevant information is gathered and integrated into the security requirements.


  • Easy, fast start – no learning curve for the SQUARE process
  • Shorter development times
  • Minimization of development risk
  • Time-to-market optimized
  • Reduction of costs
  • Benefit from our experience
  • Security requirements are essential for secure software
  • Secure software architecture from the beginning

Do you want to make sure that your software takes security aspects into account from the very beginning, then contact us!