Security Requirements Engineering

helps you developing secure software

Software is created on the basis of functional requirements – while safety aspects are often neglected – in particular security requirements are not usually recognized and not taken into account. SSQUARE supports the identification and formulation of security requirements.

Security Requirements for Secure Software

The development of secure software recovers, particularly with regard to industrial 4.0, is becoming increasingly important. Often security shall be implemented only afterwards. The development of secure software already begins however with security requirements – before the design of software. Security Requirements help to develop software with reasonable level of security.

SSQUARE – Security Quality Requirements Engineering

uses for the tool-based security requirements engineering, the method Security Quality Requirements Engineering (SQUARE). SQUARE is process-oriented and divided into nine steps. The steps extend from the definition of the terms used, through the identification of security risks and Goals – to the selection and the audit of accessibility requirements.


In implementing the SQUARE method in your company SSQUARE – the Security Quality Requirements Engineering Tool supports you. It helps to perform the nine process steps of the SQUARE method efficiently and correctly and results in the appropriate Security Requirements. An elaborate incorporation of all stakeholders in the SQUARE method is not necessary when using SSQUARE. All relevant information will be extracted and incorporated into the Security Requirements.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Easier, faster start – no training in the SQUARE process
  • Shorter development times
  • Minimizing the development risk
  • Time-to-market optimized
  • Reduction of the cost
  • Benefit from our experience
  • Security Requirements are essential for secure software
  • Secure software architecture from the beginning

Our experienced security experts will accompany you during the implementation and operation of SSQUARE tools in your business and help you to process your requirements engineering to integrate.