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Your advantages over the classical workshop

  • You will save time compared to the classic workshop, because there is no need to travel to and from the workshop. This leaves you more time for work and private matters.
  • You have less hassle, because you can participate comfortably from the company or from home with your familiar technology.
  • You save money, because travel and hotel costs are eliminated. Compared to in-house workshops, webinars are cheaper.

Selection of topics

IT Security in Medical Devices (1 hour)

  • IT security as part of the product life cycle
  • Regulatory IT security requirements
  • IT security for medical devices: Software, firmware, microcode, mobile apps
  • Test methods: risk analysis, threat modeling, static source code analysis, fuzzing, penetration testing and documentation/presentation for authorities


Dynamic Code Analysis – Fuzzing (1 hour)

  • Standard fuzzing vs. cloud fuzzing
  • Demo TCPDump
  • Debugging with Radare2/GDB
  • Integration in CI/CD


Security Basics (3 hours)

  • Introduction/awareness
  • Hacking example
  • OWASP Top 10 with interactive tasks


Security Testing Process (90 minutes)

  • Requirements
  • Threat modeling
  • Static source code analysis
  • Fuzzing
  • Pentesting


Secure Web Development (90 minutes)

  • Indroduction
  • OWASP Top 10 with JuiceShop examples
  • Live correction of shown errors


Threat Modeling (1 hour)

  • Indroduction
  • Threatmodeling example with explanations
  • Introduction to Threat Modeling Programs (MS SDL)


Cryptography (90 minutes)

  • Symmetric cryptography
  • Asymmetrical cyrptography
  • Pseudo-random number generator


Backdoors (1 hour)

  • Introduction to Backdoors
  • SolarWinds Hack
  • Demo: Injectin/installing a backdoor in Docker
  • How to identify backdoors
  • Removing backdoors


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Technical requirements

  • A modern web browser and a microphone – no need to install plugins or other programs!
  • Internet connection that is faster than 10 Mbit/s
  • The webinar platform can be tested in advance