Identifying Vulnerabilities in Systems – Basic Cyber Security Workshop


The points of entry into your systems are crucial: The exploited points of attack, the security vulnerabilities – and not the numerous and increasing attacks. The security vulnerabilities can be identified and closed: Secure software, firmware, microcode, hardware, apps. If all vulnerabilities are fixed, your system is secure!

But how to identify these security vulnerabilities? Take an offensive look at the security of your systems: In this Cyber Security Workshop, two experienced penetration testers will and sensitize the participants and identify the security vulnerabilities — including previously unreleased zero-day vulnerabilities, recommend countermeasures and explain the importance of security testing with different methods.


  1. Introduction
    • Recent Incidents
    • Attacker Types
  2. Information Gathering
    • Active/Passive
    • Shodan
    • Port Scanning
  3. Exploiting Web Vulnerabilities — showing the impact and countermeasures
    • Cross-Site-Scripting
    • SQL Injection
    • Cross-Site Request-Forgery
    • Common Tools
  4. Network Scanning
    • Vulnerability Scanning
  5. Security Testing Process with 6 methods: Risk Analysis, Threat Modeling Security Design, Static Source Code Analysis, Penetration Testing und Fuzzing.

After completion of this workshop you will receive a certificate of participation.

Learning goals

    • Introduction to vulnerability identification
    • Hacker’s perspective
    • Overview of the different types of vulnerabilities
    • And how you can secure it

Duration: 3.5 hours

Language: German, if requested we can also offer the workshop in English.

Price: The participation is free of charge.

Requirements: None

Realization: This workshop is offered as a webinar and therefore completely digital. This saves you time compared to the classic workshop: Arrival and departure are not necessary. If required, we also offer this on site at customers’ offices. The number of participants is limited to 9.

Technical requirements: The workshop is conducted with the help of the browser-based software BigBlueButton.
We recommend:

    • An up-to-date and common web browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge)
    • A fast and stable Internet connection (preferably no WiFi)
    • Headphones or speakers on your end device (desktop PC / laptop / tablet)

Registration and questions:
+49 2241 255 43 0