Cyber Security Workshop

Take a different point of view on your system from the perspective of an attacker. The softScheck Hacking Workshop is presented by experienced Penetration Testers to convey a comprehensive insight into possible attacks of hackers. It is very practically oriented and after a quick introduction in types of vulnerabilities and the use of attacking tools you are ready to start over on the prepared exercises to attack test systems on your own. Each day of the workshop will cover different topics divided into web applications and network services.


  1. Introduction
    • Recent Incidents
    • Live-Demos
    • Attacker Types
  2. Information Gathering
    • Active/Passive
    • Google Hacking
    • Shodan
    • Port Scanning
    • Metadata Analysis
  3. Exploiting Web Vulnerabilities
    • Cross-Site-Scripting
      • BeEF – The Browser Exploitation Framework
    • SQL Injection
      • SQLmap
    • Cross-Site Request-Forgery
    • Authentication & Authorization Flaws
    • Local & Remote File Inclusion
    • API abuse
    • From Exploit To Shell
  4. Network Scanning
    • Querying Common Network Services
    • Vulnerability Scanning
  5. Exploiting
    • Metasploit
    • Exploit Databases
    • Exercises
    • Privilege Escalation

At the end of this Workshop, you will receive a participation certificate.

Learning goals

The participants learn to use the tools of hackers, the most common vulnerabilities, to exploit them in the practices and gain knowledge about current security incidents with usual attack vectors.

Duration: 2 days


  • Basic GNU/Linux knowledge
  • General knowledge about networks
  • Knowledge about web technologies
  • Own laptop, latest VirtualBox (virtual machine monitor) and admin access

Target group:

  • Security interested parties
  • Administrators
  • Security representatives

1300,- Euro excl. 16% MwSt. (VAT)
(Lunch and drinks are included)

The workshops are held at softScheck, but can also be carried out in-house on request.

At least 4 persons.

Registration and questions:
+49 2241 255 43 0