Security Testing Process Workshop

To teach the audience in the basics of the softScheck Security Testing Process is the goal of this workshop. It offers methods to identify threats and vulnerabilities in every step of the software development process and leads to fix them in good time. It is subdivided into the subjects Security Requirements Analysis, Threat Modeling, Static Source Code Analysis-Tools, Fuzzing and Penetration Testing. This Workshop will demonstrate the use of Security Testing as a case study on the basis of current known security incidents.


  1. Introduction
    • Recent IT-Security Incidents
    • Exercise: Network Infrastructure
    • Security Development Life Cycle
  2. Security Requirements
    • Basics
    • Classes
    • Method: Security QUAlity Requirements Engineering – SQUARE
  3. Threat Modeling
    • Goals and Limits
    • Threat Modeling Process
    • Exercise: Android App
  4. Static Source Code Analysis
    • Goals and Limits
    • Tool-Classes
  5. Fuzzing
    • Demo: FTP-Server
  6. Penetration Testing

At the end of this Workshop you will receive a participation certificate.

Learning goals

The participants have internalized fundamental (essential) Security Requirements by applying and discussing the lessons. You can integrate the learned Security Testing Process from this workshop in your own software development process. The knowledge of current security incidents and an enrichment for early protection by using examples are comprehensible for the participants.

Duration: 1 day

Requirements: None

Target audience:

  • Decisionmaker for IT-Security
  • Head of software development
  • Software developer/designer
  • Software Tester
  • Software Architect
  • Software testers
  • Administrators

Needless to say, everyone who is interested and satisfy the requirements can participate.

850 Euro excl. 16% MwSt.(VAT)
(Lunch and drinks are included)

The workshops are held at softScheck, but can also be carried out in-house on request.

Registration and questions:
+49 2241 255 43 0